4 Things You Need To Know If You Are Considering Custom Hydrographics For Your Car

If you have heard the term "custom hydrographics", and have been wondering if this is something you can do with your vehicle, here are three things you need to know before you take any further action. 

#1 Custom Hydrographics Is A Way Of Transferring Print To Your Vehicle

The term hydrographics refers to a new process of putting print images on vehicles. Essentially, the area where the printed image is going to be applied is will be primed, painted and clear coated if you want to change the base color of your vehicle. Then, the film, which is made of polyvinyl alcohol, will be put in a tank of water where the section of your vehicle that the print is going to be attached to will be put in the tank as well. The print will bond with your vehicle. After that, a clear coat of paint is applied over the print to protect it and adhere it to your vehicle.

Most hydrographics tend to be custom work produced by the body shop where you get the work done, or made on commission, to fit your particular preferences. It is seen as an easy way to give your car a custom look.  

#2 Custom Hydrographics Requires Very Little Prep Work On Your Part

One of the best parts about having a custom hydrographic put on your vehicle is that it requires very little work on your end. You need to find a body shop that applies custom hydrograhics, then you need to either pick the hydrographic that you want on your vehicle or work with an artist to create an image that you want on your vehicle.

From there, all you really need to do is wash your vehicle and bring it in to have the print transferred onto it. All other work will be handled by the shop that applies your custom hydrographic.

#3 Custom Hydrographics Require Removal Of Panels From Your Vehicle

One thing to consider when getting custom hydrographics put on your vehicle is that the panels the prints will be applied to will have to be removed from your vehicle and then put back on.

#4 Rubber Parts Cannot Be Printed On

The only part of your vehicle where hydrogrpahics cannot be applied is any rubber areas.

If you think you want to use custom hydropgrahics to jazz up your vehicle, contact a local auto body shop who specializes in this technique to get accurate price estimates based on the print you want and the vehicle you want it on.