How Do You Know If Your Vehicle Has An Exhaust Leak?

A leak in the exhaust can overheat and burn through the exhaust valve. Not only is it not a cheap fix, but the fumes coming out of your exhaust can be dangerous. The longer you let the leak go, the more annoying the side effects – such as excessive noise – are going to get. 

How Can You Tell If Your Exhaust Has a Leak?

The most telling sign of an exhaust leak is that your car will make a loud noise. This occurs while you're driving and if you hear it you should take your car in to be looked at as soon as you can. Another sign that might not be as noticeable is a vibrating gas pedal. Your vehicle will vibrate if you have a leak even if it's just a small one. If you have a leak you might hear sputtering when you start your car up.

You will be able to smell the exhaust fumes that are being released more than usual. On some occasions if you look underneath the car and look at the exhaust pipe you might actually see a crack in it and then you'll know that's the problem. 

If you don't notice these other signs, then you might notice you have to keep refilling your gas tank more frequently than before. An exhaust leak will decrease the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. If you notice a problem with your exhaust, then it's important to get it fixed immediately. Even a small pinhole in the exhaust can cause a lot of issues and make loud noises. The sooner you can get it taken care of the easier it will be to repair and avoid other damages.

Why is an Exhaust Leak Bad?

Not only can it harm your car, but, since the exhaust system is in place to convert harmful gas your car produces and send it out the tailpipe, it can be harmful to you as well. The exhaust system keeps the harmful gases from getting into your car and prevents the risk of you inhaling them. If it's faulty, then there's a greater chance those gases might get to you.

For the sake of your car and your health, take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately if you think it has an exhaust leak. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to this kind of automotive repair.