How Do You Know Your Spark Plugs Need To Be Replaced?

Spark plugs are a vital component in your vehicle's ability to function. They fire up the pistons to start your vehicle and get you cruising down the road. Spark plugs are under constant heat because of the burning engine, and that wear and tear means they'll eventually need to be replaced. Learning more about spark plugs and how to spot the following signs they need to be replaced can be beneficial for any driver.

Engine Misfires: The engine of your car is the first place you will notice signs your car is going to need new spark plugs. One of the biggest symptoms of needing new spark plugs is when your engine misfires. When this happens, your car will stop for a very brief period of time and then go on as if nothing was wrong. If you notice your engine is misfiring and your car is stopping briefly for no reason, you need to have it checked by a mechanic.

Doesn't Gain Speed: If your car doesn't pick up the speed like it used to then you might need new spark plugs. If you find yourself having to press harder on the gas pedal to get the vehicle up to the speed limit, it could be the spark plugs.

Doesn't Start: Sometimes your car might not start at all. You might find this to happen more often if you're experiencing harsh weather conditions, like extreme heat or cold. If your vehicle won't start, then the spark plugs could be worn out.

Makes a Loud, Jittery Noise: If your spark plugs are worn out, your engine will be loud and jittery when your vehicle is idle. The vehicle may also make a loud and jittery noise while you are driving if the spark plugs are worn out.

What Can You Do To Protect Your Spark Plugs?

When it comes to your car and the spark plugs, regular maintenance is always the best choice to prevent any severe damage. Look at your spark plugs to see if they are starting to get sharp around the edges. If you see this happening, they've gone bad and need to be replaced. While spark plugs will keep working once they're worn out, they will drain your battery. It's best to replace them early so the battery isn't in danger.

Your spark plugs are responsible for many different aspects of your vehicle. If your car is misfiring, refusing to start, or if the engine is making a strange sound, you may find the spark plugs are to blame. Head to a mechanic like Toyopros Auto Repair and get the spark plugs checked right away.