Five Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is one of the most expensive repairs you will have to make if the problems go unnoticed for too long. This is why it's important to know some of the signs that you need transmission repairs. Here are five specific signs to note.

  1. Slipping: Slipping happens when your car is in gear but isn't moving forward. This usually indicates that the car has slipped because the transmission is beginning to fail. If you notice this, you should take your car in right away even if you are able to get your car moving after a few seconds of slipping. At this point, your transmission is probably worth repairing because it won't be so badly damaged that you need to replace it. 
  2. Leaking: Transmission leaks are highly noticeable because the fluid is typically red in color. Check underneath your vehicle every once in a while to be sure there are no signs of this. If you do notice a transmission leak, take your car in right away, even if the puddle is small. A transmission leak indicates that the fluid is not properly lubricating all of the parts that make the car move. If this goes on too long, the transmission will eventually need to be replaced because the lack of fluid will completely damage the interior components. 
  3. Burning Smell: An overheated transmission can be found early on by detecting a burning smell. Once you notice this, you can easily repair the problem before the overheating completely destroys the transmission. The first thing you will want to look at is the fluid levels. Just because you haven't noticed a leak doesn't mean that the fluid levels aren't low. Once you add more transmission fluid, it can significantly cool down the components that make up the transmission, and this prevents overheating. 
  4. Buzzing: If you notice a buzzing sound, this often indicates a problem with the transmission. Don't wait too long to have the transmission inspected once you notice a buzzing noise. The sound typically means that certain parts are failing from wear and tear and will need to be replaced. It's better to have to do this than to have to replace the transmission altogether. 
  5. Check Engine Light Is On: If the Check Engine light is on, you should never ignore it. Although the appearance of the light may be an error on your car's part, you never really know. Besides, the appearance of this light can sometimes mean that there is a problem with the transmission that you haven't noticed. 

When you know these five signs that you need transmission repair, you should be sure to get your transmission fixed by a professional such as Interstate Transmission & Automotive before the transmission actually needs to be replaced, as replacement is much more expensive. At that point, it may even be better to purchase a new car that doesn't have transmission problems.