3 Auto Problems That You Will Be Facing As Temperatures Drop This Autumn

As the summer winds to an end, you may not be thinking too much about the temperatures getting cooler. When the cold arrives, there are some car problems that you may be facing, such as cold starting your car in the morning or the battery being drained due to cold temperatures. If you live in an area that gets early snowfall, you may also be concerned about having good tires and chains for driving in winter weather. Here are some of the car problems that you will want to start thinking about in autumn:

1. Dealing With The First Cold Mornings And Engine Not Turning Over

Cold weather can cause a lot of problems with components of your car. This can cause the engine to not turn over during the early morning hours when you are ready to go to work. Usually, this is due to problems like oil that is near freezing because of it being too light for cold weather. Autumn is a great time to have your oil changed with a heavier weight oil that is more suitable for cold weather. In addition, if you have a diesel car, you may want to consider an engine warmer to heat the block up during extreme cold.

2. Battery Becoming Drained When The Temperature Drops And Solutions

The battery of your car can also be affected by cold weather because the chemicals may take longer to react in cold weather. This means that the battery may not have enough energy stored to start your engine. To solve this problem, have your battery checked and changed in autumn if needed. In addition, you may want to consider installing a battery blanket in your car if you live in an area that has extremely cold weather during the winter months.

3. Tires, Chains And Winter Gear To Prepare For Cold Weather Driving

With winter weather, you want your car to be safe and handle well. This may mean that you want to have the tires changed for winter weather tires during the winter months. If it is near time to change your tires, have all-weather tires installed on your car to prepare for winter. In addition, it is a good idea to invest in ice chains and winter emergency gear to keep in the trunk of your car.

With the autumn weather bringing in the cold, you will want to start worrying about some of these auto problems. If you need help getting your car ready for cold winter weather, contact an auto repair service, like Hudson Goodyear, and have it done in autumn before winter weather sets in.