3 Auto Restoration Repairs Where Used Parts Are Better Than New

When you need to do car repairs, sometimes new parts are not the best, which is often the case with classic car restorations. There may be parts that you cannot by new with classic car restorations, or some that you just want to keep original. Here are some tips to help you choose the used parts that are better than new with classic car restorations:

1. Parts That Cannot Be Replaced and Need to Be Restored

When restoring a classic, there may be some parts that cannot be replaced. This could be due to there not being any companies that may certain parts or for cars from manufacturers that do not exist anymore. When the part manufacturer cannot provide you with the part you need; you have the choice of restoring the original part or using a used part. There are specialist parts dealers that will be able to help find the rarest parts that you need to complete your restoration.

2. Restoring Original Parts to Factory Condition for All-Original Restoration

In some cases, it could be more valuable to keep original parts. If all the serial numbers match on your car, then it is best to restore original parts unless they are so badly damaged that they absolutely must be replaced. There are some parts that may be easy to rebuild, while others you will want to take to an auto repair professional to do the job for you. If you rebuild the drive train, it is a good idea to have a transmission specialist do the transmission. When rebuilding the engine, a professional auto repair shop can help with performance improvements.

3. Original Parts That Are Better Quality and Can Easily Be Rebuilt

The parts that you can get from aftermarket dealers are often of less quality than the original parts. If you want to have quality, it may be best to try and rebuild original parts. Sometimes, manufacturers may change the part and the original one is of better quality. Many car parts, such as carburetors can easily be restored by rebuilding them. When you rebuild the part, you will need to take it completely apart, clean it and replace warn components, such as seals, gaskets and springs.

When doing an auto restoration project, consider where you will be better off using used parts. Contact an auto repair service to help with your restoration and repairing original and used parts.