3 Important Maintenance Steps That Can Prevent Costly Transmission Repairs

One of the more important parts of your car is the transmission, which is designed to get your car into different gears. It's also a part that is really expensive to fix. So that you can avoid chronic repairs, you'll want to take these maintenance steps.

Periodically Check the Transmission Fluid Level Lines

The transmission fluid is designed to lubricate all moving parts of the transmission, preventing them from overheating and wearing down prematurely. This fluid can only do its job correctly, though, if it's at the right levels.

That's why you need to get in the habit of checking these transmission fluid levels, a feat you can easily achieve by locating the transmission dipstick. It should be labeled at the top of the handle. Take it out and wipe down this dipstick with a rag. Place it inside and back out, noting where the fluid levels are. You'll know to put more transmission fluid in if the lines are below the "full" marker.

Warm Up Your Vehicle 

When you get in your vehicle and start driving right away, you're demanding a lot from your transmission. After all, it doesn't have time to really warm up and get transmission fluid feeding through its system. So that you don't experience severe transmission complications, be sure to let your vehicle warm up for a few minutes before taking off. This is particularly important to do during the winter months, when temperatures begin to drop. A little warming up here and there can drastically extend the life of your transmission.

Change Out the Transmission Filter 

One of the more important components of your transmission is the air filter. It's designed to prevent dirt and debris from entering your transmission and causing it to break down. However, this air filter can only work properly if it's clean.

To ensure proper filtration, you need to inspect the air filter every couple of months. Take it out of the filter housing unit and hold it up to the light. If no natural light can pass through, you know you need a new filter. There are many replacement filters you can choose for your transmission. Just make sure it has the right dimensions to ensure a proper and easy fit.

Dealing with transmission repairs can cause you a lot of stress and break the bank. You can prevent any major issues pretty easily with the right maintenance schedule, though. Simple and regular care could save you thousands. Contact businesses like B G & S Transmissions for more information.