The Dangers Of An Improperly Installed Windshield

A crack or chip in your windshield should never be ignored. Damaged auto glass can pose a serious risk to your safety and visibility while driving. Significant damage will require that you replace the windshield with a new piece of glass.

A lot of drivers try to find the cheapest deal possible when it comes to windshield replacement, but cutting corners on the installation of new auto glass could prove dangerous. You should always work with an experienced and reputable glass repair company to avoid the dangers of improperly installed glass. 

Future Damage

A windshield that is not installed correctly could contribute to future damage. Improperly installed windshields are more likely to chip or crack over time. If this damage is significant, it could compromise your ability to see out of your vehicle clearly. Cracks can refract sunlight and cause temporary blindness that might lead to a serious auto accident.

Improper installation can also lead to water damage inside your vehicle. If the windshield isn't set and sealed correctly, moisture will seep into your vehicle's interior. Your dashboard may warp, and your carpets or seat upholstery could begin to mold.

Compromised Airbag Deployment

Did you know that your windshield plays a central role in the deployment of your vehicle's front airbags? When a collision triggers the deployment of the airbags, they bounce off the windshield to help provide maximum protection for you and your front passenger.

A windshield that hasn't been installed properly could pop out of place when faced with the force of a deployed airbag. This will compromise your safety by preventing the airbag from functioning as it was intended.

Risk of Roof Collapse

In the event that your vehicle rolls during an accident, the windshield helps to maintain the structural stability of the vehicle's interior. Without a windshield in place, the roof of your car or truck could collapse in on the cab of the vehicle while rolling. This collapse could result in serious injury.

A replacement windshield that has not been installed properly cannot offer the level of protection you need against roof collapse. This leaves you and your passengers at risk of serious injury or even death.

Once you are able to identify the dangers of an improperly installed windshield, it's easy to see why you shouldn't compromise quality to save on cost. Work with a glass repair professional from a company like Capital Collision Center Inc to ensure your new windshield is installed properly for maximum safety in the future.