Getting The Right Car Parts To Turn Your Classic Into A Daily Driver

If you are restoring a classic car, there are different options when repairing mechanical issues and replacing parts. Today, there is modern equipment that can improve your car's safety, performance, and comfort. Some of these improvements might be essential if you plan on driving your car daily. The following car parts will help you turn your classic restoration into a daily driver:

Disk Brake Conversions for Classic Cars

One of the issues with classic cars is that the brakes may be drum systems. These are not modern antilock brakes, and they are also vulnerable to catastrophic failures. Therefore, one of the first upgrades you may want to do for your restoration project is installing a disk conversion kit. These upgrades can give your car better performing brakes and make it safer for daily commutes.

Upgrading Electronics and Lighting

The wiring and electronics in your car are other areas where you may need repairs. These problems are often due to issues with wiring insulation wearing out and damage. Therefore, you may want to upgrade the electrical wiring and install things like modern audio, a digital speedometer, and other modern electronics. In addition, you can also install LED lights to upgrade the lighting. There are even options to install modern parking assist or camera systems with the technology you add to your car during the restoration.

Installing Modern Fuel Injection Systems

The old carburetor on your classic engine is likely outdated and inefficient. Therefore, you may want to add a fuel injection system. This can be done in two ways, which include replacing the engine or installing a new carburetor. If you have to replace the engine, it can be replaced with a modern fuel-injected model. If you are using the same engine, a carburetor that is designed to be fuel injected can be installed.

Upgrading the Safety Restraints and Auto Glass

The safety of your car is also important if you are planning on driving it daily. Therefore, you want to install modern safety restraints to replace the old seatbelts. You may also want to replace the glass with modern auto safety glass. If you keep the old glass, films can be installed to make the glass safer. These glass and window film improvements prevent splintering of glass that can cause severe injuries in the case of an accident.

The right solutions for your car will help make it safer and comfortable to drive daily. Contact a car parts service to get the materials you need for these improvements when restoring your classic. A car parts service can provide additional information.