2 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Car's Transmission Repairs To A Professional

After noticing that your car seems to be hesitating while changing gears, you may have come to the conclusion that there is an issue with the transmission. To save money, you may have decided to look up how to fix it yourself.

However, working on a transmission is a lot more involved than you may realize, even after watching online videos of how to do certain jobs. Especially if you have little to no experience working on cars, there are a couple of reasons why you should, instead, have the transmission fixed by a professional. 

1. Specialized Tools Will Be Needed to Complete the Repairs

One reason why you should forego your decision to make repairs on your car's transmission is that you most likely do not have the required tools. Unlike other types of vehicle repairs, working on a transmission requires specialized tools.

Not only will you need specific socket sizes and a flywheel wrench, but you also need a computerized diagnostic tool and a jack stand to hold the transmission after you remove it. Most likely, you do not have these lying around your garage.

Since these tools can be quite expensive, the cost of doing your own repairs would significantly increase, and you may not have the knowledge and/or experience required to use them. A professional would have these tools on hand, and they would have the know-how to use them correctly.

2. Parts Must Be Removed and Replaced in a Very Specific Order

Even if you already have or decide to purchase the tools required for the job, another reason that you should have a professional work on your transmission is that the parts must be removed and replaced in a very specific order. This job does not simply require opening up the transmission and removing/replacing the faulty part. You need to know which springs, gears, and other moving parts to remove, as well as when to remove them to keep from messing up the transmission's synchronicity. A mechanic that works on transmissions has this knowledge and will be able to do the job correctly.  

Making repairs on your car's transmission is a highly complex job that requires specialized tools as well as the knowledge and experience to know how to take the system and reassemble it correctly. If you do not have such tools and experience, it is better to leave the job to someone who does. Contact an auto shop in your area that offers transmission repair services to set up an appointment to have someone inspect and diagnose the issues and discuss with you what needs to be done to get the transmission running right.