Common Car Engine Problems That You Should Watch Out For And Address Immediately

Is your car's engine having problems? A problematic engine is a major cause for concern because it can easily escalate to a vehicle breakdown that may leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. 

The good news is that many automotive engine problems can be addressed effectively if they are caught early on. If ignored, these engine problems have the potential to lead to expensive car repairs or even to cause permanent engine damage.

Check out these common car engine issues that must never be left unrepaired.

Engine Is Overheating

Your vehicle's engine produces a lot of heat while it's running. Because of this, the vehicle incorporates an engine cooling system that helps to prevent potential engine overheating while on the road.

If your engine is running too hot, it's likely that its cooling system is failing.

Engine Warning Lights Are Coming On

Your car has various dashboard warning lights that show whenever there's a problem with the engine. If you see these lights come on while you're driving, you should get an engine check as soon as possible to avoid potentially serious engine trouble.

Engine Is Making Odd Noises

When your car's engine is running well, it should provide quiet operation. If you hear any unusual noises coming from your engine, you should get them checked, as they point to a malfunctioning engine.

Engine Oil Is Leaking

Engine oil lubricates, cools, and cleans the engine to keep it working efficiently and reliably. If you see a puddle of fluid on the floor beneath your car, you may have engine oil leaks. 

Locating and fixing the leaks in a timely fashion is essential for maintaining the health of your engine and entire vehicle.

Engine Won't Start

One of the most frustrating problems you may face with your car is hard starts. This problem typically arises when something is wrong with the various auto electrical components responsible for starting your car. 

While a discharging or dying battery is the usual culprit behind difficult car starting, other car components such as the starter, alternator, and ignition switch can also trigger the problem.

The full list of car engine problems that you may face is almost inexhaustible. The above-highlighted problems are only a fraction of the most common ones. Whether you're confronted with a big or small automotive engine problem, a fully qualified car mechanic can fix it for you. Just give them a call to discuss the problem and schedule a visit to their shop. Contact a company like Tony's Auto Air to learn more.