Tire Damage? What You Should Do

If your tires are damaged, there's a chance that you could end up in an accident if you aren't careful. Your tires should always be in good shape when you go out onto the road, as you could put yourself and others into danger if your tires are not able to perform to their ability. If your tires are damaged, read on for what you should do and what you can do to prevent damage to your tires in the first place.

Take Your Vehicle To A Tire Repair Shop

You should take your vehicle to a tire repair shop if your tires are not in the best shape to be driving on them. Some types of damage includes dry rot, a tire protrusion (such as a screw, nail or other object), no tread, or other damage. If your tires are not in good shape, you need to get your vehicle to a repair shop and stop driving on them as soon as possible to prevent going off of the road, not being able to stop, or some other type of accident that could harm you or others. A tire repair shop can either repair the tire or have them replaced for you.

How To Prevent Tire Damage

Preventing tire damage in the first place is important. You should take care of your tires much like you do the rest of your vehicle, unfortunately, most people don't think about their tires until it's nearly too late. Pay attention to your tires every time you go out to start your vehicle to drive anywhere. You should do a quick glance and look at your tire tread, as well as look to see if your tires appear flat. Fill up the air in your tires if they are low to prevent uneven wear. If the tread is not even on your tires, you should have your tires rotated. Have your tires rotated every other oil change. If your tires are punctured, you need to have them repaired before the tire goes flat. A puncture can occur when driving just about anywhere, but it can happen when you drive over an object in the road, or from driving on roads that are damaged (as in potholes). Watch where you drive and pay attention to help protect your vehicle and your tires.

If you have damage to your tires, you need to have them repaired or replaced at a tire repair shop.