Get In Gear With Transmission Service

The transmission that you need to operate your motorized vehicle might not be performing at its best, and you might not even realize any transmission troubles before they turn into major and expensive problems. An auto shop that provides auto transmissions service can address any issues that your vehicle's transmission is having and possibly prevent certain transmission problems from happening. Here are just a few ways that transmission service can improve your transmission and your vehicle's overall performance.

Easier Gear Shifting

If you're having trouble changing gears or your gears are shifting uncontrollably while you're driving, the proper transmission repair work can make shifting and maintaining gears easier. New transmission fluid can be added to the moveable parts in your transmission so that they work to shift gears better. Old, damaged, or faulty transmission parts that are interfering with shifting gears can also be repaired or replaced.

A Cooler, Cleaner Transmission

Old or inadequate levels of transmission fluid can make the inside of your transmission dirty. When old transmission fluid is removed, dirt and other impurities that are contained in it can also be eliminated to ensure a cleaner transmission system. Transmission fluid also does an excellent job of keeping the transmission from overheating from the friction of moving parts.

A Quieter Ride

When you drive or start your vehicle, you don't want to hear any jarring noises that could indicate a problem with your transmission. An auto transmission service may put an end to any whining, grinding, or knocking sounds that you might be hearing. Old or low transmission fluid could be causing the sounds, or there might be a problem with the torque converter or another part that should be addressed.

No More Unusual Smells

If your vehicle smells like something is burning or has another unusual smell when you're idling or driving, you should have the vehicle inspected as quickly as possible to see if a transmission issue is the culprit. The transmission fluid or the transmission itself could be overheating, or your transmission fluid might be leaking if you notice a sweet aroma that smells like sugar or maple syrup.

No More Warning Lights

Your vehicle likely has a specific warning light for the transmission or gives you a computerized message if there's something wrong with this part. However, the check engine light might also show if a sensor registers a transmission problem. A warning light might be coming on because of an overheating transmission, a malfunctioning transmission control system, or another problem.

Transmission troubles shouldn't be ignored if you want your vehicle to last as long as possible. Mechanics who specialize in auto transmissions service can check your transmission's condition and do any repair or replacement work that's needed to make your transmission more reliable.

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