Following The Manufacturers Suggestions For Vehicle Maintenance And Service

Vehicle manufacturers often suggest general car maintenance and service for the vehicles they make and sell. The information is available to new owners to ensure you know what and when to service the car to keep it running smoothly and remain safe for you and any occupants in the vehicle. 

Where To Find Information

The first place to look for service general car maintenance information for your new car is in the owner's manual that comes with the vehicle. Details like when to change the oil, how often to rotate the tires, and when other items need attention are listed in the manual that you can reference anytime you have a question. 

The owner's manual will contain details that are nowhere else on the car, so if you do not have the manual, check with the local dealership to see if they can get one for you. Most new vehicles include the manual you will often find in the glove compartment or the vehicle's center console when you purchase them.

You can also get information about maintenance and general car maintenance from the service advisor or manager at the local dealership where you purchased the vehicle. If you bought the car used, you may not have the original owner's manual for it. However, all the information you need is available online for most cars and trucks and is not difficult to locate using your favorite search engine.

Service And Maintenance

The items on the service or maintenance list are often things that will help extend the life of the car or truck when done on time and correctly. General car maintenance typically includes things that may go unnoticed because they are not affecting the way the vehicle runs and drives. However, if they are neglected, some maintenance items can lead to problems later that you can avoid with proper care and service. 

Neglecting an oil change or tire rotation is most likely not going to cause the car to stop running right away, but it will cause additional wear and tear that is unnecessary, so over time, they will contribute to breakdowns and necessary repairs. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the general car maintenance items the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. You can take the car to your mechanic or the dealership and have the maintenance items completed when it is time. 

Most service appointments do not take more than an hour or so, and the impact that general car maintenance can have on the reliability and efficiency of your vehicle makes taking the time out to get these things done worth taking the time in the end. For more information on general car maintenance, contact a professional near you.