Having Some Brake Problems? Get Your Vehicle Examined Fast Before These Hazards Are Big Problems

It has been reported that 22 percent of automobile accidents are caused by bad brakes on vehicles, so if you notice the signs of bad brakes you need to get the shop in the car right away. There are a lot of signs that are easy to notice when you have bad brakes, but there are long-term concerns you may not know about.

There are many signs that your brakes aren't in good condition, including the following:

  • Shaking while braking
  • Grinding noises
  • Screaming and screeching noises while braking
  • Delayed braking
  • Need to pump the brakes to stop

Letting the brakes go without repairs and maintenance when the pads are worn can cause problems for your vehicle and your safety. If you aren't sure when you last changed your brake pads, chances are high that it's time for pad replacement. Here are issues that can arise if you leave the poor pads on your vehicle.

Damaged Rotors

When the pads start to wear, the metal that holds the pads starts to rub on the rotors. Replacing the pads is a fraction of the cost in comparison to replacing the brake rotors on each axle of your vehicle. Replacing the rotors will not only cost more money but take more time.

Alignment Issues

If the brake pads are worn and uneven, your car will shake. Shaking while braking can cause alignment issues over time. This can cause a lot of different problems for your car, and when the alignment is off, it can start to wear the tires unevenly. Get the brakes fixed to stop the shaking.

Safety Concerns

A vehicle that can't stop quickly is not only unsafe for those in that vehicle but for the other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals on and around the roads. The vehicle may slide, flip or have other risks if it can't stop safely. A vehicle that shakes from bad brakes can also jolt into another lane or off the road. Don't drive with these unnecessary hazards by letting your vehicle go longer than necessary between brake services.

If you notice any of these problems with your vehicle, and you know that your vehicle isn't safe, take the time to find a brake service repair center near you to get the work done. The professionals will be able to examine the vehicle, check the fluids, and determine what needs to be done to make the brakes work at their peak potential.

For more information about vehicle brake services, contact an auto shop.