3 Signs Your Brake Rotors Are In Distress

When most people think of brakes, they think of the brake pedal inside their car or the pads, which act as a cushion between the wheels and calipers. However, there is another key part of your vehicle's braking system – the rotors. Connected directly to the wheel hub, the rotors spin in the direction of the vehicle, helping stop/brake the vehicle when you apply the brakes. Basically, the rotors are an entirely new layer of protection between your brake pads and the wheels, so they will also wear out over time.

Knowing When It Is Time To Have Your Brakes Replaced

Maintaining your car or truck doesn't stop at changing the oil once in a while. It is important to keep up with tires, brakes, and all the wearable parts on your vehicle. One of the most important parts to change before they fail is the brakes. Knowing when to change them is not difficult, you just need to watch for a few signs.  Loud Grinding Noises When you step on the brakes to slow your car down, you should not hear any noise.

The Dangers Of An Improperly Installed Windshield

A crack or chip in your windshield should never be ignored. Damaged auto glass can pose a serious risk to your safety and visibility while driving. Significant damage will require that you replace the windshield with a new piece of glass. A lot of drivers try to find the cheapest deal possible when it comes to windshield replacement, but cutting corners on the installation of new auto glass could prove dangerous.

4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Repair Costs Down As Your Truck Gets Older

Trucks require frequent maintenance due to the miles that they travel and the wear that this travel causes. As your truck gets older, maintenance and repair costs will begin to rise. To reduce the costs of repairs, you will want to do some maintenance more frequently. Here are some maintenance repair tips that will help keep the repair costs of your truck down as it begins to age: 1. More Frequent Oil Changes and Caring for Other Fluids

Why You Have To Transer The Title When Selling A Car

When you sell your car to another person or trade in your vehicle to a car dealership, you have to transfer the car title as part of the process. Even if you have a signed bill of sale for the vehicle proving you have sold the car to someone else, the title is important to get out of your name. Here are reasons why you should transfer the title when you sell a car.